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In the latest article we have showed you how to link your Instagram with a website in Webnode? In this guide, we will focus on an alternative. To link Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok or Twitter to your website in Webnode has never been easier. The Social Feed widget from Elfsight is a reliable service that will surely charm you with its many benefits.

Nowadays, social media are an integral part of online business, and therefore an increasing number of entrepreneurs and users share the content of “socials” on their websites. It is social networks that serve to build a community and your own brand (so-called branding), which help improve communication and increase trust between your company and the customer. The fact remains that more and more people leave their impression of the product/service through Facebook reviews, posts or comments, etc. have prepared this tutorial on how to quickly and easily share the content of social media on your websites.

The advantages of the Social Feed widget from Elfsight include the ability to share content from several social networks within one widget, the ability to choose modern and design templates, but also the simplicity and user-friendliness of the widget creation itself.

Social Feed widget from Elfsight

Social Feed widget – free VS premium

The Social Feed widget that we describe in this tutorial is for free. The external service Elfsight offers in its free version (LITE) the possibility to create 1 widget for free.

If you need another widget, it is necessary to purchase one of the Premium tariffs offered by this service.

The price starts at 10 USD / month.

Pricing Elfsight

Social Feed widget – templates

The Elfsight external service allows you to choose a template for the Social Feed widget, thereby speeding up the whole process. You can currently choose from up to 20 templates, for example:


      • Social Feed – Carousel
      • Social Feed – Masonry
      • Social Feed – Masonry Dark
      • Social Feed – Timeline
      • Social Feed – Grid
      • Social Feed – Masonry Colored
      • Social Feed – YouTube Feed
      • Social Feed – Vimeo Feed
      • Social Feed – Slider
Social Feed widget templates

How to link social media with a website?

1. Go to Elfsight official website, open Widgets and choose Social Feed.

Elfsight - Widgets - Social Feed

2. Choose one of the 20 available templates (you can see a preview on the right side) and click the Continue with this template button.

*For the purposes of this guide, we have selected the “Carousel” template

Choose a template

3. Click the Add Source button and choose the type of social network you want to add.

Click on Add Source
Choose a social media type

4. Log in to the social network and click the “Connect to XXX” button, in our case Connect to Facebook.

Login to social media

5. Customize the widget that will display the content of your social networks on the web according to your own ideas. Under the Layout section, you can change the layout of the posts/whole widget. Under the Post section, you can choose the layout/display of a single post.

Layout setup of widget
Layout setup of individual post

After the user clicks on the widget, Elfsight offers you a choice of three options. You can find them in the PostAction on Post Click section.


  • None – nothing happens when user clicks on the widget
  • Open in Popup – the widget opens directly on the page and the user can view it
  • Open in Social Media – the widget will open directly in the given social network
Social Feed widget - Action on Post Click setup

The Appearance section allows you to change the colors, background or font.

Social Feed widget - Appearance

You can easily change the language of the entire widget (see the image below) under the SettingsLanguage section.

Social Feed widget - language setup

6.We currently have 1 widget that shows us content from Facebook. To add content from another social network to the same widget, open the Sources section and click Add Source.

Choose the type of social network you want to add and connect to the social network via Connect to XXX, in our case Connect to Instagram.

Click on Add Source
Choose a social media type

The resulting effect can also look like this.

Social Feed widget with two social networks - preview

7. If you are done with the customization and setup, click on Add to website for free.

The service will ask you to log in. You can use your existing Google or Facebook account or log in with your email.

Click on Add to website for free button
Login to Elfsight

8. Click the Publish button in the upper right corner and copy the necessary HTML code using Copy Code.

Click on Publish button
Copy HTML code

9. Log into the Webnode editor and enter the code according to the services you have purchased in Webnode:

1. I have purchased LIMITED, MINI, STANDARD, PROFI or BUSINESS premium plan in Webnode

If you have purchased Premium plan Limited and above from Webnode, you can insert the code of your widget (Social Feed widget) anywhere on your website.

Click the “+” button and select the “HTML” option.

add content - HTML

add content – HTML




2. I have a FREE version in Webnode

Sorry, but in the Free version, Webnode editor does not allow adding HTML codes. It is necessary to purchase one of the plans – Limited, Mini, Standard, Profi or Business.

upragde your plan

upragde your plan

10. Done – after inserting the code, just publish the changes with the Publish button in the top bar. You will see the Social Feed widget in the published version of your website.


Social Feed widget – preview

A preview of the widget in the editor (left) and in the published version of the page (right).

Social Feed widget - preview in editor
Social Feed widget - preview

A few words at the end

In today`s digital era is linking social media with websites big positive for entrepreneurs and users.

The Social Feed widget from Elfsight offers an efficient and simple solution for sharing content from various social networks. The option to choose a template, customization and integration are very useful.

The free version of the widget will be enough for many users, but for those who need more, there are also premium tarrifs with extended options.

With our guide, the process of connecting social networks to the web in Webnode is quick and easy. Don’t hesitate and try it now.

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Social Feed widget – FAQ

How do I remove a social network from a widget?

If your Social Feed widget displays content from several social networks and you wish to delete one of them, open the Sources section, click on the three dots and select Delete.

Social Feed widget - removal of social media

How do I change the widget text, such as “Read more” or “Published date”?

If you want to change the text such as “Read more” or “Published date”, you can do so in the SettingsLanguage section.

Keep in mind that not every language allows changing all texts.

Social Feed widget - default text setup

Do I need technical knowledge to add an Elfsight widget to my website?

No, you don’t need technical knowledge at all. Read this tutorial and you’ll definitely be able to do it! Fingers crossed!

Do I have to enter a payment card number?

No – the Elfsight service does not require a payment card to be filled in when using the Free (LITE) version.

How can I add a widget title?

You can easily add the widget title in the LayoutHeader section.

Social Feed widget - widget title setup

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