Kennel website – introduction

In previous article of “How to create a website” series, we wrote about how to create a wedding website. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a website for a kennel.

What are the must-haves for kennel website? What are the advantages of having your own website in the case you are breeder? How to quickly and easily create a kennel website via Webnode?

In today’s digital age, own websites are a matter of course even for kennels. The breeder has several options for creating a website. Professionals who will create the entire website for you, a WordPress website with the possibility of extensive personalization, but also the creation of your own website for the kennel using online editors such as Webnode. It is solely at the discretion of the breeder, his financial possibilities and preferences.

How to create a kennel website in Webnode? Let’s go!

How to create a kennel website?

Kennel website – benefits

A  kennel website serves several purposes. Which ones are they?


The kennel website has primarily a presentation function. People interested in your litter are also able to get a better picture of your breeding on the basis of your website. In the context of competition, which is high in the breeding of certain animals, the presentation function of the website plays positive role for your kennel.

Kennel website benefits


The good name/brand you build in the community as a breeder is the biggest advantage you can get. Also thanks to your website, you are able to build your name/brand by giving a face to your breeding and activities. Color scheme, cover photo or logo – these are things that the wider public will remember, not just colleagues from the profession.


Website is able to supply your kennel with the credibility which you need to attract good and responsible people. Your photo, breeding news or contact give visitors a legitimate feeling about your kennel.

If you also have your own Facebook page or Instagram or YouTube channel, the trust of interested parties only increases.


Good findability for specific keywords, this is also a win when looking for people interested in the litter and spreading awareness about animal breeding. In today’s digital age, most people when thinking about buying an animal will most likely look on one of the search engines. A website is a must if you want to have a chance of showing up in search results for particular keywords.


Own kennel website will enable the breeder to communicate more effectively and easily with potential interested parties, as well as with owners of animals from previous litters and the general public.

The contact form on the website can facilitate the initial selection process in the case of a large number of interested parties.

Kennel website benefits

Kennel website – must-haves

In case you want the kennel website to fulfill its function and deliver all the benefits, the website must contain:

Information about the animal/animals

The information about the animal/animals is the most important of the entire website for the kennel. Basic information about the animal includes (some of the items below may be redundant or missing depending on the animal. The list is primarily aimed at keeping dogs and/or cats):


  • The name of the individual animal
  • Names of the individual`s parents
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Height / weight
  • Color
  • Passed exams / successful exhibitions
  • Health outcomes
  • Description of nature
  • Photos/videos
  • Pedigree

Kennel information

Who are you? When did you start with animal breeding? And why? What is your story? A correct and trust-inspiring website for a kennel must not lack a sub-page, or a section, About us. This is where you can share your story with visitors, tell them your perspective on breeding, as well as describe the goals of your breeding.

Information about previous litters

Your kennel website must have a sub-page dedicated to the previous litters. Of course, only if you have already bred some previous litters.

Names of parents, their medical results, obtained exams and also at least one photo. Grandparents’ names. Date of birth, order, names and sex of the cubs born, their birth weights or health results (if available). This is just the basis of what you should definitely share with your visitors about each of your litters.

Videos from the new owners or photos of how individuals from the litter grow will definitely add value.

Notification of planned litter

If you are planning a litter in the future, it is always good to invest in the so-called notification of planned litter. You can find many graphic designers on the Internet who will create a flyer with the planned litter for a reasonable price.

This announcement about the planned litter, the so-called flyer, you can use it on your website and it will add credibility and professionalism, as well as the design of your website

Notification of planned litter

A photo gallery is an unwritten obligation. Do not forget to name the photos, preferably with the name of the animal and the date or age of the animal when the photo was taken. This will help visitors and interested parties to create a better idea of ​​how individual animal can look in different months/years or during different activities.

It should not be forgotten that one photo is worth a thousand words, and therefore it is important to take care of the gallery and not neglect to update it on your website for the kennel.


Contact information such as the name of the kennel, your name and address, e-mail or telephone should certainly not be missing. If you have a Facebook page or an Instagram profile, don’t forget to add icons on the page and make it easier for visitors to redirect.

You can share the contact with your visitors in the form of your own subpage ( or in the form of a footer that will be displayed on every subpage of your website.

TIP: Take advantage of the possibility to create your own blog and share news from your kennel in the form of articles!

Kennel website – pricing

You can have a kennel website with Webnode completely free of charge. Certain limitations are associated with the so-called “free” version, but your website will still be representative and fulfill its purpose.

The most suitable premium plan, which in my opinion is worth it in the case of a kennel, is the MINI package. With this package you have your own domain for free for a year, and the possibility to add an infinite number of fields to the form. In addition, the server space with the MINI package is 1 GB, and you can seamlessly use the web to share photos and videos of your litter(s) and other breeding activities.

Kennel website for free

  • 3rd order domain – that is,
  • Number of fields in one form: 5
  • Space on the server: 100 MB

Kennel website – premium plan MINI

  • Own domain for free for a year –
  • The number of fields in one form is unlimited
  • Server space: 1000 MB
Kennel website - Webnode pricing

Kennel website – Webnode templates

The Webnode library contains several design templates that are tailor-made for breeders, veterinarians or owners of other animals.

If the templates from the Animals category do not appeal to you, open the Favorites category or browse All Templates. Any of the 150+ Webnode templates can be modified to create a modern and stylish kennel website.

The template can be opened and previewed before selection. Of course, all templates are responsive (the template adapts to the device (computer/mobile/tablet)).

Kennel website templates

How to create a kennel website?

Open the site and click Create a Website. Log in. If you do not have an account with Webnode yet, register.

How to create a kennel website - step 1
How to create a kennel website - step 2

In the next step, choose the type of site: Website.

How to create a kennel website - step 3

The following page gives you a choice between creating a page manually or creating a website using artificial intelligence.

In case you choose the option With AI help, read our guide How to create a website in Webnode using the AI? For, we can only recommend to create a website using artificial intelligence.

How to create a kennel website - step 4

If you chose the option Select the template, you will be waiting for the selection of a template. If necessary, you can open the Preview and preview the template before selecting.

How to create a kennel website - step 5

And that’s it! Your kennel website is created and you can edit the pages and add your content.

A few words at the end

Creating a kennel website with Webnode is quick and easy. So why not give it a try? Show off your successful breeding and share the joy with site visitors. Expand your findability on the Internet with a responsive and modern website, and thus increase your chances of responsible and reliable people interested in your kennel.

Don’t forget to add all the necessary information to your website or share Instagram content, thereby building your name in the breeder community. team wishes you many healthy and successful litters.

Kennel website – FAQ

What is a Webnode?

Webnode is an online tool for creating and managing websites or e-shops. The system has functions for creating web presentations without the need for installation or advanced configuration. By dragging the mouse, it is possible to place many interactive elements on the website, such as forms, videos, images, text, blog, products and more. You can find more information in our Webnode review.

Can I create a kennel website myself?

Yes. Creating websites in Webnode is really easy and anyone can do it. If necessary, you can use our articles or Webnode help.

I created a website in Webnode but I don’t like the template. Is it possible to change the template?

No – in the Webnode 2.0 editor, the template cannot be changed after the website is created. If you wish to change the template for your site, you will need to create a new project. You can then choose the template that suits you best.

Does Webnode have its own image library?

Yes. Webnode has its own library of images and icons for you to draw from. If the Webnode library is not enough for you, you can read our article 12 biggest free pictures stocks for commercial use. Pictures for free.

However, we recommend using your own photos as much as possible when creating a website for a kennel.

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