Google Business Sites – discountinued

If you have registered in Google My Business, as we wrote in the article How to easily add a website to the Google My Business?, and you have also created a company website, the so-called Google Business Site, pay attention.

Google announced the end of the Google Business Sites service, simple editor for company webpages that were linked to a Google Business profile. Although the Business profile remains active, Business Sites are discountinued as of March 5, 2024. The good news remain that Google has provided redirection of Google Business Sites visitors to a Google Business profile. However, this exception is only valid until June 10, 2024. From this date, the visitor will see the message: 404 Page not found.

Due to the termination of this service, now is the best time to create your own company website, which will serve as a replacement for Google Business Site. 

Google Business Sites - discountinued

What are Google Business Sites?

The so-called Google Business Sites could be created via simple webpage editor/builder – one of the services that Google offered to its users. This service was primarily targeted at small and medium-sized businesses and allowed users to create company websites quickly and easily even without technical knowledge.

Google Business Sites – alternatives

Google has published a list of alternatives that users can use to create their own company websites (e.g. Wix, Weebly, WordPress). team believes that Webnode is a great alternative for your Google Business Site. Why?


  • A simple editor/builder
  • Administration in English
  • Wide help database
  • FREE website option/reasonable prices for paid services
  • Webnode “AI migration tool” – NEWS from Webnode, tool with which you are able to convert an existing site to Webnode with the help of artificial intelligence in just a few steps
Webnode benefits

Webnode as an alternative to Google Business Sites

Webnode is a website builder that launched as a Czech startup in 2008. Creating websites quickly, easily and securely became the main idea of ​​this project, which has already won the trust of more than 45 million users worldwide.

When building a website with Webnode, you can choose from more than 110+ modern, design and responsive templates, a user-friendly editor and features such as portfolio, newsletter, contact form and more.

Editing content with Webnode can be summed up in two points: 1. Drag and drop, 2. Click and rewrite.

You can find all the necessary details about this editor in our Webnode review.

Webnode pricing

Webnode AI migration tool

Webnode is currently working on the possibility of migrating an existing website to Webnode using AI. The artificial intelligence visits your site, scans the structure and content, and creates a new Webnode version with the required details.

Currently, this project is in its early stages and at the time of writing, more information is available only for the English-speaking market – AI Migration Tool.

The idea is simple. You enter the URL of the page you want to migrate as input and the AI ​​takes care of the rest.

Also thanks to the innovative thinking of this company, creating websites with Webnode is even easier than ever before.

Webnode AI migration tool

A few words at the end

The termination of Google Business Sites opens the door to alternative ways to create your own business website. Webnode appears to be a quick and easy way for small and medium-sized businesses. With benefits such as a user-friendly editor, 110+ design templates, and the ability to use artificial intelligence in creating a website, Webnode offers everything and much more than the discountinued service from Google.

Feel free to try Webnode instead of Google Business Sites. Create your own business website now!

Webnode as an alternative to Google Business Sites – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When have been Google Business Sites discountinued?

Google Business Sites were termined as of March 5, 2024. Google has arranged for the redirection of Google Business Sites to a Google Business profile by June 10, 2024. Later, the Google Business Site visitor will only be shown a 404 Page Not Found.

Is creating a website in Webnode for free?

Yes. Creating a website in Webnode is free.

Will I be able to customize the AI-generated website?

Of course. Even with the help of artificial intelligence, you still have the opportunity to change images, text, colors, i.e. further edit/change your page.

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