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In the article How to add reviews from Google to a website in Webnode? we showed you how you can connect your website to Google and display real-time reviews on your website. Thanks for the great feedback we received on this tutorial. We are glad that this guide helped you.

Let’s now look at your other options together!

But what to do if you have customer reviews on Facebook and you want to add them automatically to your Webnode website?

It’s easy, just follow this guide.

Did you know that reviews from your customers can be a very valuable tool for improving the credibility of your website?

If you have a website in Webnode and want to share reviews from your Facebook Business Account, this guide is just for you. In this article, we will show you how to easily add Facebook Reviews.

If by chance someone in 2024 still doesn’t know what a Business Facebook page is, please read the instructions here.

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Facebook Reviews – free VS premium

The Facebook Reviews that we will show you in this tutorial are free to some extent. The external service Elfsight works by offering a certain number of views in the free version (LITE) (currently it is 200 views / month), so it is quite enough for a smaller e-shop/website.

With more traffic, it is necessary to purchase one of the Premium tariffs offered by this Elfsight service after reaching the limit.

The price starts at 5 USD/month.

Pricing of Elfsight services - free version: LITE, paid versions: Basic, Pro and Premium

Facebook Reviews – choose the right type

The Elfsight external service allows you to choose a Facebook Reviews template, thereby speeding up the whole process. You can currently choose from up to 12 templates, for example:


      • Facebook Reviews – Carousel Widget
      • Facebook Reviews – Floating Badge
      • Facebook Reviews – Badge
      • Facebook Reviews – Grid
      • Facebook Reviews – Slider
      • Facebook Reviews – Dark Carousel
      • Facebook Reviews – List
      • Facebook Reviews – Masonry
      • Facebook Reviews – Dark Grid
      • Facebook Reviews – Sidebar widget
      • Facebook Reviews – Dark Floating Badge
      • Facebook Reviews – Simple Carousel

Facebook Reviews widget and Webnode e-shop/web

Would you like to add Facebook Reviews to your website/eshop in Webnode? No problem!

Although the Webnode editor does not have the Facebook Reviews function, it can be set up using the external service in this guide and the HTML code.

1. Go to the official website https://www.elfsight.com, choose the look of Facebook reviews and click “Continue with this template”.

*For the purposes of this guide, we will use the “Slider” option.

Choose the template

2. Enter the URL address of your Facebook page.

*If you want to copy your url address, just go to your company Facebook:

URL address of FB

When you paste the URL, the reviews should load. Of course, you must have some reviews on your account in order for them to be displayed.

Create your own set up



TIP: Didn’t find anything? Verify that you are really using the Company Facebook page. It will not work for you with a classic FB personal profile.

3. After registration, you will see your new Facebook Reviews widget, continue by clicking the “Install” button.

After the registration click on Install

4. Copy the Facebook Reviews code.

Copy HTML code

5. Log in to web editing in Webnode and insert the code according to what services you have purchased in Webnode:

1. I have purchased LIMITED, MINI, STANDARD, PROFI or BUSINESS premium plans in Webnode.

If you have purchased Premium Services from Webnode, you can paste the Facebook Reviews code where you want the widget to appear.

Click the “+” button and select the “HTML” option.

Facebook Reviews widget in Webnode CMS

Facebook Reviews widget in Webnode CMS





2. I have a FREE version in Webnode

Sorry, but in the Free version, Webnode tool does not allow adding HTML codes. It is necessary to purchase one of the plans – Limited, Mini, Standard, Profi or Business.

You need Premium plan to use html codes in Webnode

You need Premium plan to use html codes in Webnode



6. Done – after inserting the code, just publish the changes with the “Publish” button in the top bar. Facebook Reviews will be displayed in the published version of the website.

Publish the changes

A few words at the end

Nowadays, credibility and customer satisfaction are essential for the success of any online business. That’s why we showed you how easily you can add a Facebook Reviews widget to your Webnode website using the Elfsight service.

These reviews are not just words on a screen. They are the voice of your satisfied clients who confirm the quality of your products or services. By sharing reviews on your website, you strengthen your online reputation and build trust with potential customers.

With Elfsight, it’s not only easy, but also affordable. Regardless of whether you run a small e-shop, a blog or a larger-scale business, you can choose from a variety of templates and customize your reviews exactly to your needs.

And what’s even better, you can try it absolutely free. With the free version of Elfsight, you can see for yourself how reviews can enrich your website. And when you find out what a positive impact they have on your business, you can easily upgrade to premium services that offer even more benefits.

Feel free to add Facebook Reviews to your Webnode website today. It is an easy way to strengthen customer trust and increase the attractiveness of your online presence. And the best part is that you can get started completely free.

On behalf of the editorial staff of Wpromotions, we wish you much success in the online world, and especially a lot of fun with the WEBNODE editor.

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Facebook Reviews HTML Widget – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens when I exceed the monthly Facebook Reviews view limit?

Facebook Reviews will stop working and will not be displayed to website visitors. Elfsight will send you a notification that you have exceeded the limits.

Is it possible that in time there will also be a Facebook Reviews function in the Webnode editor?

Nobody knows – we don’t know the answer to this question. If you want the developers from Webnode to program such a function, go to the official website of Webnode and write them your opinion through the contact form. It is possible that if more requests from users are collected, Webnode will add a link to Facebook Reviews to its editor.

Do I need technical knowledge to add Facebook Reviews to my website?

No, you don’t need technical knowledge at all. Read this tutorial and you’ll definitely be able to do it! Fingers crossed!

Do I have to enter a credit card number?

No – the Elfsight service does not require a credit card to be filled in when using the Free (LITE) version.

How can I remove the “What our customer say” heading from the widget?

Simply, in the settings of the Facebook Reviews widget, click on “Widget Title” in the “Layout” section.

widget setup

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