Google Calendar – great help with organizing your time

Google Calendar is a web application for organizing your time.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to insert Google Calendar into a Webnode website.

1. The first step is to create an account with Google – here

2.  In the official Google Help, you can find more information about creating Google Calendar and getting your HTML code. Its simple:

3. Set Google Calendar as public.

You have to set Google Calendar as a public. So change it in “Access” tab!

4. Insert the HTML code of the calendar on the Webnode website.

You can use this code to place it somewhere on the site – where you want to view Google Calendar.

5. The embedded Google Calendar will appear on the WEBNODE site, but you still need to set up Google Calendar for mobile/tablets.

In the top bar of the editor now click on “Pages” » “Choose a page on which you have Google Calendar“» “SEO Site Settings” »” Header HTML Code” and enter the following code:

And you’re done. Google Calendar is embedded on the website and is responsive, so it means that calendar size adapts to mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.).

The calendar on the web looks like this:


You enter 2 codes on the website. You edit the first code and paste it into the body of the page (<body>) using the Webnode HTML feature.

Insert the second code into the page header (<head>) into the SEO settings of the page where you have the embedded calendar.

Code to the body

Code to the header


TIP: Put online chat on the web for faster communication with visitors to your site. I recommend a service that is free – read more in tutorial for Smartsupp

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