How to easily create a discussion using –

In this tutorial, you will learn how to place a discussion on the Webnode website so yours visitors can add comments to the site.

We will use an external application – HTML code.

1. Sign up.

The first step is to register at

Prvý krok je registrácia.


2. Fill in your login information
Sign in with a social network or email account.

Prihlásiť sa môžete účtom sociálnych sietí alebo emailom.

3. Choose the Disqus manual installation option

Now, just choose what Disqus you want to use.

Choose the second option – “I want to install Disqus on my site“.

Zvoľte možnosť inštalácie Disqus na web

4. Create a site

Fill in the page name, category, and language. All fields are required. Confirm with the “Create Site” button.

Potvrďte tlačidlom

5. Select a Free or Basic plan

You have free (Basic, Free) and Premium (Plus, Pro) plans.

Zvolte plán

6. Select the option to install on the web

To install, select a Universal Code

Vyberte možnost instalace na web

7. Copy the code

Mark the entire HTML code in point 1.

Copy the code.

Skopírujte kód

8. Put the code on the web

Go to the site where you want to insert the forum. Select “+” → HTML.

Paste the entire HTML code copied.

Do not forget to publish the changes.

Vložte kód na web

Vloženie kódu na web

And it’s done .. You can see the resulting forum on the web by clicking the button below.

TIP: Add the Instagram and Facebook icon to the top left corner of the Webnode website. Read More in the tutorial: How to add a social network icons (FB and Instagram) to the top of the Webnode website?

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