You are looking for a way to insert the social icons at the Webnode website? (to the top of the site) 


In tutorials How do I easily link my Facebook to my website in Webnode? and How to link your Instagram with website in Webnode? I’ve shown how you can link your website to social networks Facebook and Instagram.

In this tutorial I will show you another very simple solution for social networks FB / Instagram, adding icons to soc. network at the top of your site (on the top left).

#1. The first step is to edit URLs for your social networks in the code below.


On line no. 23 in the code edit the URL-ADRESA-PRE-INSTAGRAM for Instagram.

Change URL-ADRESA-PRE-INSTAGRAM to the URL of your Instagram. (For example, the URL for my Instagram is: )

On line no. 28 in the code edit the URL-ADRESA-PRE-FACEBOOK for Facebook.

Change URL-ADRESA-PRE-INSTAGRAM to the URL of your Facebook. (E.g. The URL for my business on Facebook is:  )

#2. The second step is to paste the modified code into the page header.


In the top bar of the editor, click “Pages” and select, for example “Home Page” and continue with “SEO page settings” and paste the modified code into the “Custom HTML header code” section.

Put the code in the header on all your pages if you want to show the widget on every page.


Use this code:

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