The anchor works as a link within a single page. You do not see a different page (web) through the link, but you will be taken to another place on the page you are currently viewing. Anchor formation (tabs) is divided into two parts:

  1. You first create a bookmark, so a place that appears when you click the link.
    2. Then you set a link that moves you to the tab (anchor).

The anchor is set by Webnode using HTML code. You can insert the HTML code on Webnode pages using this manual.

#Step n.1 Creating an anchor

Add a bookmark to the desired location on your site. Each tab needs to be named exactly – names can not be repeated within one site. You can use this HTML code to create anchor:


Instead of XXXXXXX enter the name of the anchor eg. anchor1


#Step n.2 Set a link


By clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the anchor – the link is usually set to normal text, but it can be, for example, also set to an image or button, etc. Use the following code to insert a regular text link:


Instead of #XXXXXXX enter the anchor name from point 1



The “Click on this text” below is the anchor that is set at the beginning of this article. At the beginning of this article is an embedded HTML code in the form of:


The text you click on is embedded with HTML code that is in the form of:


You can try it out and click the “Click on this text” below.


Click on this text 



You can also set the anchor in the Webnode as scroll to top button, for example: “To the top”.

1. Firstly insert to your website the code from point 1. Enter the code where you want to redirect the visitor.

2. Then on the webinsert button that you can name eg: Top

3. Finally set a link to button in form of


BEST TIP: Insert scroll to top button using pre-prepared code 🙂 Just copy and paste it. Read more here: How to add a Scroll to Top button to website in Webnode?

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