How to add animation – falling confetti to Webnode websites?

I got an question in my Webnode free support if it is possible to add an animation of falling confetti on the Webnode website.

Yes, it is possible – for everyone who is looking for “falling confetti on the web“, I have prepared a code that displays falling confetti on your website or e-shop.

It will be something like falling snowflakes, which you will find in the How to add a falling snow animation to the Webnode website?

Let’s do it!

Quick Tutorial:  adding “falling confetti” animation

1. Adding falling confetti to the website is very easy – just sign up for my newsletter and get the code to embed on the web.
The first step is therefore to obtain this code. Please subscribe to my newsletter to get the code:

2. Log in to web editing in Webnode and now paste the pre-prepared code on the website using the “+” and “HTML” buttons.

Paste the code on each page of the website where you want the confetti to appear.


3. Publish it and you’re done 🙂


I hope you managed to add falling confetti to your website and everything went well.

I will be happy if you write me in the comment if you are satisfied with the confetti animation:)

Thank you for subscribing and i wish u good luck with your online business.

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