Would you like to add social icons like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

to the FOOTER of your WEBNODE website?

In this tutorial I will show you an online application that will allow us to add soc icons. networks to the bottom of your website.

List of social network icons is really large and the basic ones such as Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter are there.

No technical skill required to connect this service to your Webnode website.

Elfsight is free and you don’t have to pay anything at all.

✎ DIY Tutorial: How to add soc icons. networks to the bottom of your WEBNODE website?

1. Register for free —> www.elfsight.com (in menu choose Widgets and Social Media Icons)

Soc.siete Elfsight navod na webnode

2. Add social icons. depending on what social networks you use and set your URL addreses and click on Add to website

2. vyber si typ nástroj

3. Click on button “Add to website”

4. Choose free version (you can upgrade to premium later if needed)

5. On the “Add to website” page, copy the code that will be used to connect this service to your website.

List of social networks icons available for you in Elfsight

Ikonky soc. sietí v Addthis.com - ukážka všetkých ikoniek

6. Log in to Webnode CMS and paste the code into HEADER of all pages of your website.

Now, please choose the way how to insert the code, depending on what Premium plan you have purchased from Webnode:


1. I have purchased Premium plan Standard or Profi

If you have purchased Standard or Profi Premium Services from Webnode, you can paste the code into all pages of the site with a single paste.

At the top of the editor, click “Settings” – “Website Settings” – “HTML Header / Footer” – “HTML Header“.

2. I have website in the Free version or I have purchased the Premium Plan Limited or Mini.

If you have a website created in the Free version or you have purchased the Limited or Mini Premium Plan, then you must insert the code in the header on each page separately.

1. Paste the code in the header of each page:

7. Now just publish the changes and you are DONE.

I am happy for you!

I’m glad you read to the end and added social network icons to your Webnode website.

I hope everything went smoothly.

Please write to me in the comments if you succeeded.

I keep my fingers crossed for your online business. Good luck!

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