Would you like to set a specific URL in your Webnode e-shop

for the “Continue shopping” button in your cart?

In the Webnode e-shop editor, the “Continue shopping” button in the cart is predefined to redirect the visitor of your e-shop to the last visited page.

Webnode preddefined settings:


If a visitor of your e-shop clicks “Go to CART” from some product, the “Continue shopping” button in CART will redirect to that product.

If someone will go to CART from homepage, the button “continue shopping” will redirect to the home page of your website.


In my Free Webnode Support Center i has been asked if it is possible to cancel this automatic setting and set a fixed URL.

Yes, it is possible.

Demo of continue shopping button

Tutorial: How to redirect “Continue shopping” button to a custom URL in Webnode CART?

1. Please subscribe to my newsletter – William Promotions News – and get a pre-prepared code in which you set your own URL.

2. In my code change the URL to your URL (to which you want the “Continue shopping” redirects to)

You must enter the URL twice.

Demo – my code with OWN url address

Názorná ukážka kódu s vlastnou URL adresou pre presmerovanie tlačítka.

3. Paste the modified code into the e-shop in Webnode using the “+” and “HTML” button.

Paste the code on the CART page.

Go to the CART 

Insert a code

4. Publish it!

Publikovať zmeny vo Webnode

 DONE – Excellent – you have set a fixed redirection of the “continue shopping” button in the e-shop from Webnode.


The change will only affect the published version of your e-shop.


Please write to me in the comments if you have succeeded.


Good luck with your online business and have fun with WEBNODE editor! 🙂


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