Would you like to embed a GIF image on a Webnode site?

Webnode editor does not allow .gif format when you embed them as an image.

For this reason, you must first upload the desired .GIF image to an external service to get the image URL.

Paste the URL into the code and paste the HTML code into your website in Webnode using the “+” and “HTML” buttons.


How to upload a .GIF image to a Webnode website


1. Upload the .GIF image to an external service, copy the URL of the image and paste it into the code instead of the URL-PICTURE. *If you upload the image to another server, make sure you have the URL with the ending image (.gif).

2. In the code, you can adjust the max-width value to the desired image size. In the code, the image size is set to 100%. *Changing this value eg. you can reduce the image by 50% to 50%.

3. Paste the code into your website using the “+” and “HTML” buttons. (insert the code where you want the gif image to appear)

The necessary code to insert a GIF image is:

Good job! – when you paste the code, the .GIF image will appear in the published version of your website.

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