Do you want to add a poll on a Webnode website?

The free online questionnaire (web survey/poll) is one of the most common ways to get feedback from your website visitors. Without feedback, it is difficult to say whether you are acting correctly on your customers and whether your business makes sense at all.

Using online questionnaires is an effective tool for determining customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the questionnaires you can find out not only what the customer really needs, but also whether he is satisfied with your services.


How do you easily create and share such an online satisfaction questionnaire on your website?


To create an online poll I recommend awesome Survio service.

This application allows you to easily create an online questionnaire for free and offers a choice of modern templates.

How to create an online questionnaire (poll) using Survio

and embedding poll on website in Webnode

  1. Sign up for free with Survio:

2. In the next step, you can choose whether to use a pre-built template or create a poll from scratch. 

3. Please enter a name for your questionnaire and continue.

4. In a simple editor, add more questions and answers.

5. When you are done creating the questionnaire, click “Get Responses” at the top bar and select “Get the Code

6. You can embed the questionnaire on the web using the Button, Iframe code, or pop-up window. I choose the “iframe” option to show my poll directly in the content of my site.

7. Copy the code of your questionnaire by clicking on “Copy

8. Log in to Webnode and Iframe put the questionnaire code on your website using the “+” and “HTML” buttons and publish the changes.

All done! Would you believe that creating a free online questionnaire is so easy??

You can follow the results of your survey in Survio – they are graphically processed and you can also download them in various formats (eg xls, pdf) to your PC.

Do you know any other best ways to create an online poll and get feedback from visitors? Share them in comments. Well thank you.

Demo: Survio poll

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