How to set up remarketing on Webnode? and Where should you insert the remarketing code?


In tutorial How to add a conversion code in Webnode? I’ve shown you an easy way to insert your conversion tracking conversion code.

Let’s now take a look at another PPC method, so-called. Remarketing (retargeting).


What is remarketing?


Remarketing (retargeting) is a method of targeting your online ads, e.g. by Google Adwords or Sklik, etc. to specific target groups of people who have previously visited your website (e.g., on Webnode).

Easy Step-by-Step tutorial: How to add remarketing codes in Webnode?


In order to start using Retargeting, it is necessary to place a so-called Retargeting code. This is the html code that must be placed on every page of your website where you want to record visitors to target your ads.

However, to cover your entire site, place this remarketing code in a section that is common to the entire site, such as a footer of all pages.

1. Paste your remarketing code in “Settings” – “Site Settings” – “HTML header / footer” – “HTML code in the footer of all pages”.

Codes to these sections in Webnode can only be added with the Premium plan Standard or Profi.



2. Publish changes and you are done 🙂

TIP: If you have a Free version of the website or you have a Limited and Mini Premium Plan purchased, you can insert the remarketing codes using the “Pages” button – “Select a page” – “SEO page settings” – “Custom HTML footer code“. (you have to insert the code “manually” on each page!!!).

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