Do you want to attract your audience?


Would you like to improve your website?


I have created a code for you that will allow you to display an animation of a writing pencil on your website or e-shop in WEBNODE.

You can choose your own text in the code so that the pencil writes exactly what you want! 🙂



  1. Please subscribe to William Promotions Newsletter and get a code.

2. Edit the text in code – set your own. Then log in to web editor Webnode and paste the code where you want the pencil to appear.

Set your own text so that the pencil writes exactly what you want! : D

Paste the code in WEBNODE using the “+” and “HTML” 

3. Publish changes:

YOU ARE DONE – Your new writing pencil appears in the published version of your website.


Please write me in comments below if you are satisfied with this animation, I will be happy for any feedback.

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