Would you like to rename the cart in the e-shop in Webnode from “CART” to “My Cart”?


With my simple tutorial, you will definitely be able to do it.

Just subscribe to my newsletter – William Promotions News – and get the pre-prepared code.

In the code, you can simply change the text to your own and you can name the cart as you want 🙂

After that insert the code on your website in Webnode and rename CART in the menu.



  1. Subscribe to my newsletter to get a code:

2. Edit the pre-prepared code – simply rewrite the name “My Cart” in the code to your own cart name.

3. Paste the modified code in the footer of your WEBNODE e-shop

If you have purchased Standard or Profi Premium Services from Webnode, you can paste the code into all pages of the website with a single click.

At the top of the editor, click “Settings” – “Website Settings” – “HTML Header / Footer” – “HTML Footer“.

You’re done – in the published version of your e-shop -, the cart in menu will appear under its new name! 🙂

4. Publish changes:

YOU ARE DONE – You have successfully renamed your cart in the e-shop from Webnode.


I hope you have succeeded and I look forward to your feedback in the comments.




Thank you for subscribing and good luck and lot of success in online business 🙂


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