Would you like to rename the “Add to cart” button in Webnode?

In tutorial “How to rename” CART in the menu in the WEBNODE e-shop?” i showed u how to rename CART in the menu.

Let’s take a look at your other options.

Webnode for e-shops is a great choice for your online business.


But, do you want to be different from other e-shops?


It’s all about the details!


I have created a tutorial for you that will allow you to rename the button

The “Add to cart” button next to the product can be renamed to something else, something your own.

You can rename it to anything you can think of.

Let’s do it!


Original name of the “Add to cart” button

Pôvodné tlačítko od Webnode je veľmi pekné

New name of Add to cart button

Nastavte si nový názov tlačítka Do košíku

Simple tutorial: Rename the button that adds the product to the cart (in Webnode)

1. Please subscribe to the William Promotions News newsletter and get a predefined code.

You can sign up using this form:

2. You can now rename the “Add to Cart” button in code to something of your own

Prepíšte Do košíku na niečo vlastné. Je to jednoduché

3. Sign in to Webnode and paste code in the header of all pages,

to rename the Add to Cart button for all products.


I have purchased Webnode Premium Plan Standard or Profi

If you have purchased Standard or Profi Premium Plan from Webnode, you can paste the code into all pages of the website with a single paste.

At the top of the editor, click “Settings” – “Website Settings” – “HTML Header / Footer” – “HTML Header“.

4. Publish changes

Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter:)

I’m very happy that you successfully renamed the button Add to cart.

You will see the change in the published version of your website.


I wish you a lot of success and fun with your Webnode e-shop

Good luck with your online business!

🎁 TIP: Do you want to rename the Add to Cart button only for a specific product?

Select a product and use the “+” and “HTML” buttons to paste the code into the product page only.

Zmenu tlačítka môžete nastaviť len pre daný produkt Kód vložte len na produktovú stránku daného produktu

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