How to hide shopping cart in Webnode E-shop?

You have created an e-shop at Webnode and would like to hide (remove) the shopping cart in the menu and also the “Add to Cart” button so that you can use e-shop features such as. adding products, but you don’t want to use the e-shop as such (you don’t need a visitor to pay online)?

The solution is simple.

Activate the e-shop on the web, add your products and use my code to remove the cart and the “add to cart” button from the e-shop.

To create this tutorial, I was inspired by my client who has a tool rental store and likes to use the e-shop “Products” at Webnode but does not need to sell his products online.

If you also have a rental and want to present your products as an e-shop, but you do not need payment gate, etc., this manual is just for you.

Tutorial: How to hide a shopping cart in Webnode without removing the e-shop function

  1. The first step is to activate an online store on an existing website – with one click. The official instructions from Webnode will advise you on activation of the e-shop.
  2. After activating the e-shop on the web, a “add to cart” button is automatically added to the Menu and you will also see the “Products” in section in the top bar. Now you can add your products.
  3. Add my code to your website to remove the add to cart button from the menu and the “add to cart” button from the product page.
    You can choose from 2 ways to insert the code – please select one of the options depending on the services you have purchased from Webnode.
1. I have purchased STANDARD or PROFI Premium Plan

If you have purchased Premium Standard or Profi Plan from Webnode, you can paste the code on all pages of the website with a single “click”

At the top of the Webnode editor, click “Settings” – “Website Settings” – “HTML Header / Footer” – “HTML Header“.

You’re done – the add to cart won’t appear in the published version of the website 🙂

2. I have the project in the Free version or I have purchased the Limited, Mini Premium Plan

If you have an e-shop created in the Free version or you have purchased a Limited or Mini Premium Plan, you have to put the code in the header on each page separately + you have to put the code on each product page.

1. Paste the code in the header of each page:

2. Paste the code on each product page

In this way you can put my code on every product page.

Putting the code on each product page will remove the product price and the “add to cart” button from the product page in Webnode.


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