Would you like to add your own footer to the web / e-shop in Webnode?

Would you like to add a redirect to the website or e-shop in Webnode or link to your terms and conditions & GDPR to the footer?

With my simple tutorial, you will definitely be able to do it. Just subscribe to the newsletter and get the code.

Edit the URL and text in my code and paste it into the footer of all pages of your website 🙂

2 easy steps:

1. Get the code and edit (so that the code contains the correct URLs)

2. Embedding code in Webnode website/e-shop

Example of own footer in Webnode with a link to the company name, phone number, email + T&S & GDPR.

Let’s do it!

  1. Please subscribe to the news on my website and get a pre-prepared code:

2. Edit the URLs and footer text to make everything work properly with your site.


  • On line no. 47 change the URL and Company Name
  • On line no. 48. change phone no
  • On line no. 49 change email
  • On lines no. 54 and no. 55 edit the URLs for the terms and conditions and GDPR.

TIP: If you would like to have a link in the footer only to the terms and conditions + GDRP, then delete line no. In the code. 47,48,49.

3. If you have a code, copy and paste it into the header of all pages.

Choose how you enter the code, depending on which Premium Plan you have purchased from Webnode:


1. I have purchased Premium Plan STANDARD or PROFI

If you have purchased Standard or Profi Premium Plan from Webnode, you can paste the code into all pages of the site with a single paste.

At the top of the editor, click “Settings” – “Website Settings” – “HTML Header / Footer” – “HTML Footer“.

Save changes and you are done – footer is working in pubished version of your Webnode website.

2. I have a project in the Free version or I have purchased the Premium Plan Limited, Mini.

If you have a website / e-shop created in the Free version or you have purchased the Limited or Mini Premium Plan, then you must insert the code in the footer on each page separately.

1. Paste the code in the footer of each page:

Great job! Now, publish the changes and you’re done 🙂

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