Are you looking for a way to set redirect from Menu in Webnode to a different website (by clicking on the menu item) ?


Let’s do it! 🙂


1. Create a New Page in Menu.


2. Edit the code below as follows:

You can adjust the value of line 2: “Url-address”. [Instead of “Url-adress”, enter the URL identifier (the pages which redirects) (you can view it in the SEO settings of that page)].

*Example: You have a website and you want to add a link to an e-shop you have on another url address. First you create a new page, for example, Eshop, (the url identifier of this page will be “eshop”). Instead of “url-address” in the code, you use the URL of the page identifier that redirects, “/eshop/”.

On line 2, you also specify the URL to which the item should redirect to, for example:

3. Enter the code below on allPages” to “SEO Settings” – “HTML footer“.


Pre-prepared code is:

5. Publish changes a you are done! 🙂

TIP #1: If you want to redirect a visitor to an unsecured site address, “”, this address will need to be hidden under a secure link. Use or And use the link in the form in the code above.


TIP #2: You can also redirect your site’s visitor automatically when you open one of the pages. You can read more about automatic redirection here: How to easily set an automatic redirection on your Webnode website?

TIP: Put online chat on the web for faster communication with visitors to your site. I recommend a service that is free – read more in tutorial for Smartsupp

TIP: Put reservation system on the web for online booking in Webnode. Read more in the tutorial: How to add an online reservation system to Webnode? It’s Free!

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